Google Ad Grant Seminar Series

Google Ad Grant Seminar Series

Track Overview

We want to help you spend $120,000 in Google’s advertising money this year. You can unlock this potential through the Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits, which will help you bring in traffic to your nonprofit’s website and amplify your digital impact. Our four-part seminar series will walk you through the grant application process and show you the special nuances of working within a grant account.

Recording of live events to provide program updates to Seminar 1 & 2!

Next Session

Google Ad Grant Seminar 1: What is the Google Ad Grant?

Google Ad Grant Seminar 2: How Do You Build Ads?

Google Ad Grant Seminar 3: How Do You Find Great Keywords and Write Compelling Ad Copy?

Google Ad Grant Seminar 4: How Do You Manage and Optimize Your Account for Conversions?


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