Fundraising Software Seminar Series

Fundraising Software Seminar Series

Track Overview

Is your donation platform working for your organization? Is the software too basic or too complicated? Can it be easily integrated with your CRM? Are you getting good customer support?

In this four part series, our expert, Maureen Wallbeoff, will walk you through the process of evaluating your current system, determining what your organization needs, tips on how to handle the demo process and creating an implementation plan.

Join us for this four-part series that will give you simple, actionable steps to finding the best fundraising software for your organization!

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Fundraising Software Seminar 1: How to Evaluate Your Fundraising System

Fundraising Software Seminar 2: Identifying Your Organization Needs

Fundraising Software Seminar 3: Managing the Demo Process

Fundraising Software Seminar 4: Planning for Implementation


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Guest Experts

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