Excel for Nonprofits - Data Management and Reporting

Excel for Nonprofits - Data Management and Reporting

Track Overview

Learn to use Excel efficiently. Starting with the basics in the Excel 101 course, to advanced concepts in Excel 106, and Pivot tablas in the Excel 201 course. If you need to analyze data, filter it, sort it, and simplify it to make decisions, Excel is an excellent tool.

About this Track

The courses in this track are designed with examples and activities for nonprofit organizations but, the concepts are valid for all organizations. Whether as an employee, volunteer, or leader, these courses are essential for you and your organization to advance. Enjoy these courses and let us know how to improve them!

About the Certificate

These courses award certificates of completion to those that perform the activities in each course.  These certificates are important for you to present by a current organization or a future employer as they show you willingness to upgrade you skills.

Next Session

Excel 101 - Learn the Basics

Excel 102 - Editing and Formatting Text

Excel 103 - Designing Your Worksheets

Excel 104 - Using Formulas, Functions and Calculations

Excel 105 - Using Functions to Format Text

Excel 106 - Formatting and Analyzing Charts