Email Marketing for Nonprofits and Libraries Bundle

Email Marketing for Nonprofits and Libraries Bundle

Track Overview

This self-paced, five-course track will show you how to create and implement an effective email marketing strategy. We'll cover segmenting and customizing your email marketing messages and content for better results, goal setting, benchmarking and analytics as well as discuss the best frequency for your email campaigns to optimize your response rates and budget. Whether you are a marketing maven or a newbie, you'll come away with a deep understanding of how to integrate email with online and offline marketing channels for a successfully integrated campaign.

*Course fees are non-refundable.

Next Session

Email Marketing 101: How to Get Started Building Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing 201: Goal Setting and Benchmarking (Analytics are Fun!)

Email Marketing 202: The Importance of Target Lists

Email Marketing 203: Segmenting Your Targets and Growing Your Email List

Email Marketing 204: How to Stand Out in Your Audience’s Email Inbox


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Guest Experts

Collie TurnerTAPP Network
Kyle BarkinsCo-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Tapp NetworkBiography