What Facebook Ads Can Do For Your Organization

Track Overview

Sometimes you have to pay-to-play in order to get meaningful social media engagement. Digital ads are becoming the cheapest, most effective way to engage new or existing audiences on social media and other platforms. Currently, Facebook is the platform with the farthest reach and most sophisticated targeting. Before spending a dime on Facebook Ads, make sure you understand the basics so you can help your nonprofit spend as efficiently as possible. In this course track, we’ll share tips and tricks for running effective campaigns and getting the most out of your ad budget to drive impact for your organization. Whether you’re a total newbie to Facebook ads or you’re an old pro, you’ll walk away with new ideas for ways to use Facebook to further your mission.

Join us for our live events featuring Facebook Ad experts Alison Glazer and Jasmine Cordew:

  • February 22, 12 Noon Pacific
  • March 1, 12 Noon Pacific

Live events will be recorded and archived in the courses.

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