Social Media Marketing 301: How to Create and Implement an Effective Social Media Marketing Calendar

Social Media Marketing 301: How to Create and Implement an Effective Social Media Marketing Calendar

Do you need to create your organization's annual social media calendar and just don't know where to start? This high-touch, expert-guided course will give you detailed and personal instructions to create your calendar one step at a time. We'll give you the tools and templates to save you time and look great on your social media channels.

This six-week online blended learning course is designed to help you create and implement an effective social media marketing annual calendar for your nonprofit (or library). We’ll discuss the pillars of social media marketing so that you can apply these concepts to your organization’s social media marketing calendar.

Learners will be required to complete about one hour of homework each week.

Click here for a detailed syllabus.

What's Online Blended Learning?

So what exactly is a online blended learning course? The course combines structured live events with online content. Learners will complete work independently, submit questions to our social media expert, and attend live events weekly. Live events will also address questions and highlight learners' work during the course.

Course content will be delivered via video recordings, checklists, handouts, and weekly live events. The live event sessions will be hosted by social media marketing expert Julia Campbell. She’ll answer all of your questions, give you feedback on homework as well as provide best practices, tips, and a few tricks. All live events will be recorded and accessible throughout and after the course.

Meet Julia, your social media marketing expert!

Live event schedule

This six-week course will feature 5 live events. All events will be recorded and accessible throughout the course duration. Course content will be available for one year after the course ends.

All live events start at 12 noon (Pacific) / 3 PM (Eastern) and run one hour.

Week 1: September 19

No live event. Learners will access on-demand content, including a self-assessment and videos. You will need to complete two activities before the first live session on Sept 26.

Week 2: September 26

Live event topic: Creating Goals for Your Social Media Marketing

Week 3: October 3

Live event topic: Choosing Specific Social Media Strategies that Match Your Goals

Week 4: October 9

Live event topic: Creating a Content Plan for your Calendar

Week 5: October 24

Live event topic: Creating the Social Media Calendar

Week 6: October 31

Live event topic: Social Media Calendar Hot Seat!

What are you going to learn?

After completing this six-week course, learners will be able to

  1. Identify and analyze a wide variety of social media marketing tactics and platforms.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness and relevance of various social media strategies for your organization’s social media goals.
  3. Apply best practices and methodology for creating an effective and workable social media marketing plan.
  4. Build a 12-month social media marketing calendar that fits with the action plan.

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