Social Media Marketing 101: How to Get Started With Social Media for Fundraising for Your Nonprofit

Social Media Marketing 101: How to Get Started With Social Media for Fundraising for Your Nonprofit

Social media success can seem elusive to the small nonprofit. Without the money to hire an outside agency or even a full time person, how can you keep up with all of the changes? Can you really raise money using these platforms? The good news is that small but mighty organizations can use the power and potential of these platforms to raise funds, connect with supporters, and drive impact. In this on-demand course, we’ll share tips and tricks for running effective social media fundraising campaigns that accomplish measurable results. Whether you’re a total newbie to the social media landscape or you’re a social media superstar, you’ll walk away with new ideas for ways to use these platforms to connect with donors and elevate your fundraising.

Cost: $10

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Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to

  1. understand and identify the factors to consider when choosing social media platforms to suit your nonprofit’s fundraising goals, resources, and staff capacity  
  2. understand the current social media landscape and the strengths/weaknesses of several of the major social media platforms
  3. understand how social media platforms fit in with your overall nonprofit fundraising plan/infrastructure, including your CRM/database, website, and email communications

About the course

This 100-level on-demand course offers self-paced content for the beginner. This can include videos, self-assessments, activities, checklists, links to external resources, handouts, live events and quizzes. All course content is available for at least one year, or until the course content is no longer relevant. Live events are always recorded and archived in the course for you to access at your convenience.

You can gain TechPoints by accessing and interacting with course content such as watching a video, completing an evaluation and clicking on links. This course requires you to earn 40 TechPoints to access your course certification.

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