Facebook Ads 203: Ask The Expert! Facebook Ad Targeting

In this Ask the Expert live seminar, our Whole Whale experts will walk you through the fundamentals of ad targeting, and then we’ll answer questions you submit to the Expert so you can get the information that is most important to your organization. The archived recording of this live event will be available in this course for you to watch at your convenience.

As Facebook continues to improve the way we advertise on platform, nonprofits can take advantage of the current features that help reaching your target audience more refined and accurate. It’s easy to target people based on age and location, but going a level deeper and utilizing Facebook’s demographic targeting, can really help you identify exactly who you’re going after and what their lives may be like. Understanding the core of your target audience, their behaviors, interests, even where they work, can inform the way your org tailors ads to be as effective as possible. By serving ads to people that have already expressed some interest in an organization or cause, nonprofits can effectively move those users down the funnel of engagement to drive meaningful actions online.

We recommend completing Facebook Ads 101: Using Insights & Analytics to Inform Your Strategy and Facebook Ads 201: How to Build, Manage and Optimize Your Ads courses before attending this seminar.

*All seminar fees are non-refundable.

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Started Jun 20, 2018