Facebook Ads 201: How to Build, Manage, and Optimize your Ads

Facebook has over 1.8 billion users (and growing), but organic reach continues to decline. In order to get your organization in front of 100,000+ more people, you have to pay to play. How do you know if your campaign is actually making an impact? Digital Advertising expert Jasmine Cordew from Whole Whale will walk you through the Facebook ad campaign process from start to finish. You will get all the skills you need to build, manage and track a successful Facebook advertising campaign. Trust her: she’s spent over $100,000 dollars in digital advertising for nonprofits.


  • How to devise a Facebook Advertising strategy
  • The ins and outs of demographic and interest targeting to reach your target audience
  • Best practices for executing ads that get results

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Facebook Advertising 201: How to Build, Manage, and Optimize your Ads