Power BI 102 - Seeing all the Pieces

Power BI 102 - Seeing all the Pieces

Are you a "designer" or a "consumer" of data?

The way you interact with Power BI will depend on your unique role within your team or organization. In Power BI 101, we learned about these roles (such as “designers” versus “consumers”) and primarily focused on designers. In this course, we’ll be taking a closer look at Power BI service and mobile apps. This means that if you’re a “consumer” (for example, if you receive reports and work in Power BI service), this Power BI 102 course will target you and your role. 

This is the second of a four course track on Power BI.

What do you need to know before starting this course?

If you’re new to computer software and data visualization we recommend that you become familiar with at least Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, and in particular that you are able to utilize vlookup and pivot tables. If you need to build your skills, try try our Excel courses: Excel 104 (for vlookup) and Excel 106 (for pivot tables).

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Power BI 102 - Seeing all the pieces