Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Productivity with Microsoft Cloud

Optimize Your Nonprofit’s Productivity with Microsoft Cloud

In today's nonprofit environment, collaboration is a key ingredient in the recipe for success. Join this on-demand course to learn about how the right tools can help your organization collaborate faster and more efficiently.

After completing this course, you will be able to

  • apply simple steps to set up your nonprofit's intranet using Microsoft's SharePoint Online
  • understand and apply the process to share documents with external partners with SharePoint Online and One Drive for Business
  • understand how to collaborate on documents with remote staff or volunteers
  • use basic functionalities in Delve and Skype for Business

About the course

This 100-level on-demand course offers self-paced content for the beginner. This can include videos, self-assessments, activities, checklists, links to external resources, handouts, live events and quizzes. All course content is available for at least one year, or until the course content is no longer relevant. Live events are always recorded and archived in the course for you to access at your convenience.

You can gain TechPoints by accessing and interacting with course content such as watching a video, completing an evaluation and clicking on links. This course requires you to earn 40 TechPoints to access your course certification.

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