Disaster Preparedness for Nonprofit Organizations - 203

Disaster Preparedness for Nonprofit Organizations - 203

Recovering after a disaster.

What should you do to recover the operation and services of your organization after a disaster hits? You’ll find all the specifics in this course.

You will go through the following modules:

  • Introduction to Disaster Preparedness 203 and the experts
  • Module 1. Rebuilding Your Organization
  • Module 2. Re-Establishing the Internal and External Communication
  • Module 3. Recovery of Data
  • Module 4. Recovery of Equipment and Devices
  • Module 5. Post-Disaster Crowdfunding Ideas
  • Module 6. Wrap Up and Certificate

Upon completing this course, you will be able to

  • Describe the necessary actions to rebuild the organization after a disaster and initiate the recovery process
  • Describe the best practices to re-establish the internal and external communications after a disaster,
  • Identify the appropriate methods to recover data and hardware after a disaster, and
  • Identify appropriate crowdfunding options your organization can adopt after a disaster.

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Disaster Preparedness for Nonprofits 203: Recovering after a Disaster

Guest Experts

Carolyn AppletonCarolyn M. Appleton - ConsultantBiography
Dhruv KhattarUrgensee
Joe Hillis Information Technology Disaster Resource CenterBiography