Google Analytics 202 Using Analytics to Answer: Who is on my website?

Now you know what Google Analytics is, how it works, and what people are doing on your website. But who are those people, and how can you use the information from Google Analytics to inform your digital marketing strategy and drive them toward action?

With Google Analytics, we can apply user segments to analyze how different user types interact with our site. User segments correspond to the characteristics and behaviors of site visitors, and can be grouped into cohorts based on specific time-frame. The user and cohort reports, as well as Google Search Console, allow you to compare and contrast different audiences to see what content and campaigns drive them down the funnel of engagement. What motivates new users versus return users? Are we reaching decision makers? What content do our younger users favor? In this lesson led by Whaler, we will help you determine who is on your website and how you can take action based on that information. Plus, we’ll answer some other more advanced questions not covered in Google Analytics 201: Finding Buried Treasure: Advanced Google Analytics for Nonprofit Marketers.

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Starts May 3, 2018