Cybersecurity 201: How to Make Your Organization Safe

Cybersecurity 201: How to Make Your Organization Safe

Recording from live event from October 17, 2019 with cybersecurity expert, Matt Eshleman! Join us and learn the newest in how to keep you data and systems safe.

Are you responsible for your organization’s information and data security? Are you concerned about the evolving risks facing your organization today? In this on-demand course, you will learn practical approaches to make your organization safer, and protect its ability to have social impact. Rooted in a classification of your organization’s data, we’ll cover topics related to compliance, reporting and auditing. New approaches, such as Identity and Account Management will be discussed as part of a comprehensive security strategy. By the end of this course you will understand the current security landscape and have the tools to engage your organization to improve its security posture.

*All course fees are non-refundable.

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Matthew EshlemanChief Technology Officer at Community IT